Devolución de IVA en 2020 e información adicional requerida por el SAT

Devolución de IVA 2020 SAT

Desde la eliminación de la compensación universal para el ejercicio 2019, la necesidad de solicitar saldos a favor de IVA por parte de las empresas a incrementado exponencialmente y con ella las exigencias de documentación comprobatoria de la procedencia de los saldos a favor por parte de la autoridad transmitidas en sus requerimientos.

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Taxes in Mexico: VAT, income taxes and other obligations

Setting up a business can be a challenge because some cultural and legal differences, also the language can play a huge barrier. However, in this article I will explain the main terms and mechanic to understand Mexican the Tax System.

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How create a company in Mexico – Procedures, tax and social security authorities

In the actual economic environment, the globalization of companies is being indispensable for companies’ survival. There are several reasons to start a business outside the US, cost-cutting, explore new markets, increase of sales, search for new talent, etc.

Why Mexico?

According to a survey performed in 2019 by Consulting firm Price Water House and Coopers (PWC), Mexico is located in the 4th place of economic wroth for US companies, only overcome by China, United Kingdom, and Germany.

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